Buenos Aires Argentina
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Aylu + Magdalena Molinari - Live A/V

07.09 | 23:00_23:20 Buenos Aires time

Aylu is the project of Ailín Grad, an artist from Rosario based in Buenos Aires. She is a musician, DJ and producer of experimental electronic music. She has been producing music independently for more than 10 years for different national and international labels.

Her instrumental solo project is based on samples and ambiences taken from her world, transported into loops, repetitions and various genres processed in real time. As a composer, she has explored from the beginning the traditions of minimalism and field-recording, archival work and concrete music in search of her own style that combines electroacoustic resources and acoustic instruments, both in their traditional forms and through extended techniques.

Aylu's works are a small system of electroacoustic pieces. Gears, geometries, instruments and designs of a diffuse and unexpected space. She tries to explore different materials and their textures, seeking to resignify some sounds that belong to our daily listening and to the soundscapes that surround us.