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Bona fide Drum and bass (Dnb) legend Darren White, best known as dBridge, has been exploring the genre since the early 90s and hasn’t stopped pushing its boundaries since, accumulating aliases and eclectic collaborations. From Future Forces alongside Jason Maldini to Bad Company with Fresh et Vegas, by way of Club Autonomic and the recent Heart Drive, White is credited with some of the tracks that will forever define the legacy of Dnb.
With the launch of his Exit Records label in 2003, White emancipated himself from a Dnb too technological for his taste and returned to productions he considers more authentic, using old school techniques and analog gear. His latest album M|E builds on the ambient trend he started in 2020 with his LP Inhibited, a collection of soundscapes without dominant rhythms, conducive to the observation of spatial perspectives. Far from the syncopated Dnb beats he nurtured in his early days, dBridge takes the time to observe and commit himself fully to his latest opus Black Electric, where sci-fi soundtracks mingle with an array of intuitively arranged synths, samples and guitar pedals.

Bien qu’il ait traversé la scène Drum and Bass depuis une trentaine d'années, dBridge a bien plus à offrir. Avec Black Electric, il s’exprime librement, loin de toutes les normes qui limitent l’expression créatrice. “Agressivement beau”, cette expression scénique de l’artiste anglais embrasse le son dans tous ses états: “lent, rapide, sombre et lumineux”.


British producer and DJ Darren White, best known as Drum & Bass pioneer dBridge, continues to explore new musical territories while remaining a leading light of the underground scene.


Exit Records


M​|​E (Exit Records, 2022)

Made In Silence EP (Exit Records, 2022) w/ Madison Willing

Weak Or No Signal (Exit Records, 2020)


Darren White collaborated several times with his brother Steve Spacek to dabble in more soulful rhythms, and also composed music for other electronic artists, namely Martyn and Jon Convex.