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Flor de FuegoAR

Flor de Fuego<sup>AR</sup>
Flor de FuegoAR
AVisions - Amplify 1 Premiere AR

06.05 | 19:00_21:00 GMT -3
LIVE AV: 19:00 GMT -3

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere ES

06.05 | 14:00_16:00 GMT -3

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere JP

07.05 | 07:00_09:00 GMT -3
LIVE AV: 07:00 GMT -3

Flor de Fuego (Florencia Alonso) researches on digital image and media, producing images and sounds related to live coding, animation, video and internet. She has done full-dome live coding projections in Buenos Aires and Bogotá, in the Domo Lleno 2019 festival together with Iris Saladino. She has participated in MUTEK Montréal, being part of the Amplify D.A.I. 2020-21 cohort. They have recently presented a work in progress together with Naoto Hieda at CODAME festival (US).

Brief description of the show:

"(".") One point, one beginning", is an audiovisual live coding performance that seeks to pursue the essence of Haiku, a trace of the everyday, the passage of time, elements of nature, a poetic sensation that explores the possibilities of language.

She is part of the duo c0de p03try, together with Francisco Raposeiras have exhibited in places like JSAmsterdam Nation Conference, ICLC (International Conference on Live Coding) in Ireland, Pumpumyachkan Festival in Peru and "Experimental Music" in Mexico City. As part of CliC (Collective of live coders) she has participated in the +CODE festival in Buenos Aires, as well as other events and live performances. Flor collaborates actively with the Hydra community, software developed by Olivia Jack, has given workshops and talks in Argentina and other countries. She is also a Professor of Fine Arts oriented to Drawing at the Faculty of Arts of the UNLP and is an assistant professor of Photography and Digital Image at the same faculty.

Appears as part of AMPLIFY D.A.I, an initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires, Artlab in Argentina, Oi Futuro in Brazil and Somerset House Studios in the UK. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Instituto Nacional de la Música and Fundación Williams.


Archivo Veintidós, Balc


Fractal (2020)