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Fractal Listening (Microfeel + Santiago Bartolomé)AR

Fractal Listening (Microfeel + Santiago Bartolomé)<sup>AR</sup>
Fractal Listening (Microfeel + Santiago Bartolomé)AR

In 2019, Sebastian Seifert (Microfeel) & Santiago Bartolomé began their collaborative work with the aim of promoting their respective creative searches, creating the artistic project ¨Microfeel & Santiago Bartolomé¨. This path of experimentation was materialized in different artistic proposals.

In 2021, they gave rise to the live performance AV Fractal Listening. The work combines digital art, electronic music and the guitar of the multimedia artist “Microfeel” (Sebastian Seifert) with the playing of the trumpet and processes by the musician and composer Santiago Bartolomé. In its initial stage, it was presented at the 2021 edition of MUTEK AR+ES (Barcelona), and in 2022 at the fourth edition of the MAPA Contemporary Art Fair (Buenos Aires). In April of the same year, this work was filmed in Buenos Aires at the Artlab studios. The audiovisual piece will be presented in national and international exhibitions and festivals, as well as in the different communication channels of this Argentine platform. In May 2022, the artistic project “Microfeel & Santiago Bartolomé” launched its first Fractal Listening reference through the Dialog record label of the Argentine art and technology platform ARTLAB. Available in digital format and a limited vinyl edition, the album is made up of 6 tracks written and produced by Sebastian Seifert & Santiago Bartolomé. Each track immerses us in a musical universe without labels, sustaining the energy of the interdisciplinary ritual in which it was incubated, putting the richness of intersections above any category.

Santiago Bartolomé is a producer, curator, composer and trumpeter musician from Córdoba, Argentina. From this scaffolding he approaches his artistic explorations to build, in his own language, a sound cartography in which acoustic vibration and electronics coexist. His trumpet is the instrument to experience different atmospheres by erasing border lines, a tool that he considers essential as an agent of transformation of reality. His work, irreverent and enigmatic, is affirmed in "the search for sound" as a constant, versatile and possible future. This incessant search led to an intense path of artistic training through higher trumpet studies with Eric Aubier at the E.N.M in Montreuil, J. J. Goudon in Paris, France and with Vicent Campos in Valencia, Spain, among others. The list of his performances as soloist or guest includes the main orchestras of the City of Córdoba, the Symphony Orchestra of Cusco Peru and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón, among others. Since 2001, he has been a member of the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra and Band (Argentina). To date, the chronology of his artistic tours adds up to: Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Spain, Chile, Poland, Germany, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, France, Italy, Peru, Dominican Republic, etc.
Currently, he is a founding member and producer of different formations such as the brass quintet “Pampa Brass”, the original music duo for double bass and trumpet Lorenzatti + Bartolomé, “Música de Sobrevivencia”, and the trio “La Sombra de Tupac”. Likewise, he is collaborating with different projects, favoring his interest in the intersection between artistic languages: Leonardo Prakash (Mexico, World Music), Eduardo Castillo (Mexico, electronic music) and with the audiovisual collective "Reality Soup" (Mexico, Augmented Reality and VR). Since 2021 he has been co-director and artistic director of the "Córdoba Music Biennial".

The Argentine multimedia artist, designer and music producer Sebastián Seifert has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2002. His career has developed at interdisciplinary points of convergence, maintaining digital electronic poetics as the support, concept and format of his productions. The path of his artistic training includes an International Master's Degree in Media and Interactive Systems at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and ESDI (2002) and the Design, Image and Sound Career at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). In the field of media art, he has developed net-art projects, interactive installations and multimedia performances, serving as curator of these languages ​​at the «La Caixa» Foundation (Barcelona) from 2003 to 2011.
With the audiovisual project "Microfeel", the artist highlights his transdisciplinary vocation, creating worlds that combine the visual and the sound, interweaving the atmospheres of ambient and IDM beats with powerful digital images. The project has released 4 albums and has been presented at international festivals such as MUTEK (Spain and Mexico), Sonar (Spain and Colombia), Sziget (Hungary) and CTM, FILE (Brazil) and AMURAL (Romania). So far, this project has been presented in Bucharest, Mexico City, Cape Town, Ibiza, Budapest, Mexico City, Montevideo, Barcelona, ​​among others.