Buenos Aires Argentina
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Rampa is the alias of Estefany Velazquez, a Mexican visual artist.

In recent times, he figured out how to visually represent light in a dreamlike way, like in those little lucid hallucinations, and he started working from there. As a visual-digital artist, colors and figures have been the way to express the ideas that arise in his mind. His technique is based on interests in the visual, digital, sound and aesthetic fields. Estefany studied Graphic Design at UNAM and later a postgraduate degree in animation at BAU (Barcelona). His development in the visual creation part has been self-taught, with the intention of creating audiovisual pieces from scratch.

During the pandemic, he began to participate via streaming in multiple interventions at music festivals, such as the piece Etznab at Burning Man, Axial Age by Coaxial Arts; and the Eclipse Tonal Festival has also intervened in person, as well as he has collaborated with labels, collectives and organizations such as OTONO, Antimateria Sonora, the Goethe Institute and the FemLab cycle of the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico.

In this time, he has had the opportunity to make visuals for sound artists such as Resom & Mareena (Germany), KOI, Ice Cyborg, Alejandra Paz and Braulio Lam (Mexico), Neuma (Colombia) and Alejandro Bernal (Colombia).

The Mexican visual artist Rampa.


The Mexican visual artist Rampa.