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SKY H1 & Mika OkiBE

SKY H1 & Mika Oki<sup>BE</sup>
SKY H1 & Mika OkiBE

Soft, wrapping and with a delicate emotional depth. This is how the shared space between Azure, the debut album from production company SKY H1, and Parhélion, the accompanying visual installation by Mika Oki feels.

With a style bordering on pop and dreamy ambient, SKY H1 has released music on PAN, Creamcake and Codes. For her part, Mika Oki not only focuses on visual installations, she also makes music and is a DJ. Together, the Brussels-based artists deliver a dreamlike experience that encompasses cosmic sounds, velvety techno and a space inhabited by shadows and abstract textures: an emotional oasis that we can enjoy in its Latin American premiere on MUTEK MX, and that has already seduced minds, ears and looks at cutting edge festivals like Lunchmeat, Dekmantel and Rewire.

Producer SKY H1 and multimedia artist Mika Oki.


Producer SKY H1 and multimedia artist Mika Oki.


AD 93, PAN, Creamcake, Codes


Mika Oki is an active DJ on the Brussels scene.