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April 13, 2021
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PROGRAM ‘MUTEK Simposio: un futuro sin género’ MUTEK ES+AR with the collaboration of AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative

The first hybrid edition of the MUTEK ES+AR Gender and Diversity Symposium, in collaboration with AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative, will take place on April 21 and 22.

Under the title 'MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender', the first hybrid edition of the MUTEK ES+AR Gender and Diversity Symposium will take place on April 21st and 22nd, in collaboration with Amplify Digital Arts Initiative.

During two days, more than 20 speakers (hybrid format from BCN +AR), and more than 300 projects, institutions and professionals at a global level will meet in the virtual platform Swapcard.

Given the emotional, economic, professional and creative expression situation that we have - and are - suffering from COVID-19, this edition focuses on how to generate "an opportunity to redesign the sector" by taking advantage of the collapse of the old structures and ineffective gender models on which the industry is based, highlighted by the global emergency situation.

The objective of the Symposium is to begin to draw a new industry model in which inequality and gender discrimination have no place
, starting from a very simple premise: "that they no longer exist".

From Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona, panels, workshops and face-to-face content will be held, which will be in virtual connection with the online platform. The capacity is very limited.


Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 | 6€| Tickets


Wednesday 21 | 10€ | Tickets

Thursday 22 | 10€ | Tickets

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‘MUTEK Simposio: un futuro sin género’ presents a program with more than 20 speakers participating in different panels, keynotes, worskhops and interviews.

Distributed in 3 MAIN BLOCKS:

Block 1: Wednesday, April 21 from 16a 20h Spain.

In this block we will analyze and discuss some of the latest studies on the sector, with a gender perspective, to understand what changes need to be made at the structural, emotional, technological, environmental, training, economic and social levels. We will talk on the one hand with representatives of different organizations specialized in gender in the industry; and on the other hand, with professionals and projects related to technology and working to promote a change in the inherited bias patterns that it has.

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Block 2: Thursday, April 22nd from 11am to 2pm in Spain.

Focused on making visible the importance of living the present in a conscious way, finding an emotional balance, mental and physical health; providing practical tools for the (self-)knowledge and personal development of both artists and professionals in the sector.

We will learn about projects focused on:

Psychophysical, emotional and intellectual well-being techniques.

Knowing aspects about the impact that the brain has on our personality, and what importance -or not- gender has on it.

How nutrition influences emotional balance and creativity.

The benefits of some musical techniques on emotional well-being.

And how we can generate a positive impact on society, operating from an artistic and social innovation field.

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Block 3: Thursday, April 22 from 15:30 to 20h in Spain.

Practical block focused on offering different technical and practical training tools to promote the exchange of knowledge and boost the professional development of creators, based on the work of artists from AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative and We Are Equals.

Audiovisual Art, Virtual Reality, Kinetic Sound Sculptures, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Animation...

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