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Anna Eyler et Nicolas LapointeCA/QC

Anna Eyler et Nicolas Lapointe<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Anna Eyler et Nicolas LapointeCA/QC

Montréal-based artists Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe combine electronics, 3D animation and sculpture in their independent and collaborative artistic practices. Recently having obtained their MFA in Sculpture and Ceramics at Concordia University, the duo has been heavily active in the artistic scene throughout Canada in the past 10 years. Playing with the notions of materiality, virtuality, mysticality and nature, Eyler and Lapointe come together by approaching technology from an intimate point of view. Recent group exhibitions include Ada X’s HTMlles Festival (Montréal, 2020), Place Publique at the Fonderie Darling (Montréal, 2020), and the Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens, 2020). Recent two-person exhibitions include void loop () at the City Hall Art Gallery (Ottawa, 2018) and of the mountain and the ravine at White Water Gallery (North Bay, 2020). The duo has participated in residencies with Espace Projet (Montréal, 2015), Verticale (Laval, 2018), and the Bòlit: Centre d'Art Contemporani (Catalonia, 2019). They are the recipients of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, as well as the EQ Bank.

Anna Eyler et Nicolas Lapointe CA/QCD.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-Demons)

D.o.t.T.D. (Dance of the Techno-Demons)
is a fortune-telling interactive website. Reminiscent of 1990’s web aesthetics, participants navigate the site and are invited to upload an image of a hotdog. This interaction brings a speculation on their digital future generated by an A.I. entity. An archive displays every fortune, offering a snapshot of our collective future. D.o.t.T.D asks us to reconsider the faith that we place in technology while offering intimacy with our digital kin.


Montréal-based artists Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe, combining digital technology and mystical occultism in their narrative.


Earlier this year, the duo created an interactive web project named h3ll, inspired by the mythological story of the River Styx.


D.o.t.T.D. has been transcripted into a zine, available on the artists’ website