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Ké MedleyCA/QC

Ké Medley<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Ké MedleyCA/QC

Ké Medley is a Canadian artist completing a master’s degree at NAD-UQAC University in Montréal. In his work, Medley playfully tinkers with novel assemblages of various media objects, creating unique mediatic experiences. Interactivity often takes center-stage in his art, evoking a desire to implicate others in the artistic process – to bring people and art closer together. Often fueled by nostalgia, Medley approaches the materiality of media objects as a way to preserve and interact with the past – both in terms of personal and mediatic history. While still very interested in the technical components of media objects, Medley is particularly intrigued by their personal significance – what TV, video games, movies, technology and other media mean to us on a more personal or cultural level.

Ké Medley CA/QCCompartment_Complex

Multi-screen interactive video installation of a disturbing and compartmentalized universe. Compartment_Complex is a multi-screen interactive video installation. The electric hum of CRT monitors fills our ears as we approach the cluster of screens and cables. Using a joystick, the “player” takes control of an avatar and navigates across screens, which represent dark, monochromatic apartments. The player explores this disturbing and compartmentalized universe while collecting and exchanging objects with the residents whose dialogue is strangely cryptic and poetic.