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Nicolas Reeves & David St-OngeCA/QC

Nicolas Reeves & David St-Onge<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Nicolas Reeves & David St-OngeCA/QC

Nicolas Reeves and David St-Onge have been collaborating for sixteen years in the NXI Gestatio laboratory, which explores the impact of digital technology in all fields related to design. Trained in architecture and physics and a graduate of MIT, Nicolas Reeves is a designer-researcher at the École de Design de l'UQAM. His work is characterized by a highly poetic use of science and technology. A founding member, then director of research and creation at Hexagram (2001-2009), he also served as vice-president of the SAT for ten years. Winner of several awards and grants, he has presented his work and given conferences on four continents. David St-Onge, an engineer by training, is an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure, where he directs the INIT Robots laboratory. He has been working for the past fifteen years with renowned artists, both in terms of technological coordination and as an R&D engineer. An expert in the field of autonomous flying vehicles, he specializes in the design of multi-robot systems with ergonomic and intuitive control, and actively participates in numerous development and training programs in advanced robotics.

Nicolas Reeves & David St-Onge (CA/QC) — Point d’origine

Installation transposing monumental architecture into acoustic and musical sequences. This Architectural installation transposes in real time the architecture of remarkable monuments into acoustic and musical sequences. The transposition occurs by means of a mathematical object called a “spherical harmonic,” which makes it possible to describe the building by an ondulatory vocabulary. It is carried out from the visitor’s exact physical location; by their wanderings through the building, visitors compose the spatial score of harmonic trajectories, of which they are at once composer, performer, and audience.