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Kutin & Patrik LechnerAT

Kutin & Patrik Lechner<sup>AT</sup>
Kutin & Patrik LechnerAT

Peter Kutin works with sound across genres. His pieces have been exhibited, commissioned, performed, screened or discussed at various notable occasions and venues across the globe. He has composed and written music or sonic-environments for film, theatre, performance, ensembles, contemporary dance, radio, etc…. His interest in moving image expanded beyond music, having also developed and directed a series of experimental short films and multimedia-scenarios. He received several awards, scholarships and residencies; For the composition Desert Bloom, a cooperation with the german composer Christina Kubisch and Kutin’s long time collaborator Florian Kindlinger, the trio received the prestigious Karl-Szucka award in 2016. In 2019 he received the Prix Ars-Electronica for his kinetic sound-sculpture Torso#1.

Patrik Lechner is an artist creating experimental audio/video content since the mid 2000s. Developing custom software for these purposes, original content in abstract sound works and real-time 3D graphics arose through the exploration of technology without losing focus on artistic expression. He helds audio/visual performances in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Dubai, MUTEK Montréal, and MUTEK Mexico and regularly played at the Austrian Pavilion at the world exhibition in Shanghai 2010.