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“ANTIBODIES” is a collective of specialists with the idea of developing new interdisciplinary models for dynamic collaboration across spectrum of disciplines and boundaries. We examine how varied disciplines might relate, intersect and interact through series of experiments and researches that are designed to culminate into performance events, community workshops and other practices that contributes to larger social and educational structures. “ANTIBODIES” was established in 2015 by Kyoto-based performance artists Yoko Higashino and Toshio Kajiwara as a reincarnation of “Dance Company Baby-Q”, a genre-bending dance theatre group established in 2000 and have presented performance events and workshops worldwide.

Concept, Composition, Music: Toshio Kajiwara
Choreography, Direction: Yoko Higashino
Director of Art: OLEO
Special Effects: Yamato Sekiguchi
Performance : Kenjirubien, Chie Yoshikawa, Ritsu Kato, Ryohei Minami, Minae Omi, Moe Matsuki, Wataru Kikuchi, Haruka Suzuki, Maimai Tomari, Kazuhito Tsuruga, KOM_I, Yoko Higashino
Music: Koshiro Hino (YPY)

Antibodies Collective JP A Decade of Regression and Regeneration

Welcome to Antibo's traumatic performance space, where we become present along the cracks of the system. How can we face the media when reality itself is a "deep fake," where the very structure of reality itself consists of suppressing the real? When image and matter are lost and the material body is left behind, what can our bodies convey? Staring into the exit deep into the darkness, where the despair of an economic system is at odds with the concept of permanence.


“ANTIBODIES Collective” is an non-profit organization of artists and professionals dedicated to explore the socio-cultural significance of performance art.