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Aoi KuhiharaJP

Aoi Kuhihara<sup>JP</sup>
Aoi KuhiharaJP

Born in Tokyo, she started her career as a music writer/interviewer in 2010 as a student, contributing to various media such as Spincoaster, monchicon, Higher Frequency, and in 2022 she participated in rockin'on's annual Best of the Year roundtable. Meanwhile, influenced by the party scene in Europe and New York, she started DJing around 2014. Specialising in happy and funky house, but also playing various genres such as electronic, techno and tribal, she started the 'ALL DIE YOUNG' parties at 32016 (aka Umechan Bar) in 2015, held irregularly around Sangenjaya.

2015年から32016(通称:梅ちゃんバー)にて「ALL DIE YOUNG」パーティーを開始し、三軒茶屋を中心に不定期に開催。音楽ライターとしての経験を基に、様々なジャンルのダンス・ミュージックが交錯するパーティーとして盛り上がりを見せている。