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Hef Prentice, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Stylist, Sculptor, and 3D Animator

"Her work refers to the mythological and futuristic vision of women, connected with the contemporary view of humanity. Inspired by carnality, magic, and feminism. In her works, realism borders with the world we know from movies about the future." - Natalia Tokarz

She casts a curious eye on youthful sensuality, capturing intimate atmospheres on 35mm film. In addition to her work in photography, Prentice explores her creativity as a fashion stylist and visual artist. Rooted in magical realism, her work infuses a fascinating duality into balanced atmospheres, combining elements of magic and mystery. - Dazed & Confused Magazine

In 2019, she provided creative direction, 3D Art, and live mapping for the Tramando fashion show, Infrared ss20, at the Museum of Modern Art, a show that was nominated for the Martín Fierro de Moda award. In 2020, she participated in the collective exhibition "Reflections" at Haimney Gallery in Barcelona, and "Bioluminescence" at ZAZ Corner Times Square, NYC.

Her works have been featured in Vogue Italia, Dazed and Confused, Indie Magazine, Artword It. In 2023, she was selected as the artist of the month by the curators of the WeTransfer platform.

Her influence extends through notable collaborations in art and fashion, including figures like Sita Abellan, Kim Kardashian, J Balvin, and a diverse portfolio, creating a captivating aesthetic universe.