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CLARAGUILAR is a musician based in Barcelona. She is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who moves from ambient and pop-chamber arrangements to electronic and techno music.

Her debut Mystery Is All is an album drenched with brooding melodies, orchestral samplers and a bunch of synths intertwined in multiple melodies. Compared to former creations of hers, this one has noticeably more beat. The music was originally created all by herself without any collaborations in her home-studio. But Mystery Is All will bring on board her family of friends, the artists she usually works with. Video art, performances and other art disciplines shape the tentacles of this project, that will be delivered with a special and sensitive live performance. Born near Barcelona, her family insisted on the importance of music from the beginning, so she studied classical and modern music. She played piano and synths for more than seven years with the band Böira, a post-rock band based in Barcelona (Si de la runa naixés, 2016, De les cendres, mineral, 2020).

In 2017, she jumped into the Barcelona theatre scene, creating soundtracks and ambient landscapes for more than twenty projects in less than three years. As a composer for performing arts, sound designer and live performer, she creates soundscapes that blend electronics and sampled elements with orchestral arrangements.


Mystery is All