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Commonolithic & Olivia Mc GilchristUK/QC + JM/FR/QC

Commonolithic & Olivia Mc Gilchrist<sup>UK/QC + JM/FR/QC</sup>
Commonolithic & Olivia Mc GilchristUK/QC + JM/FR/QC

Born in England and based in Montréal, Commonolithic considers how images become objects, bridging the gap between lens-based practices and a sculptural concern with the imaginative dimension of materiality. Through sculpture, print and VR, the artist develops spatial and material experiences from digital image sources, continually developing outcomes using photogrammetry. His work addresses the contemporary moment as one of a politics-of-time bleeding into a politics-of-space. Commonolithic has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Medellin (Colombia), Aarhus (Denmark) and throughout Canada, and online at Laval Virtual, the Wrong Biennale and Symposium IX. Commonolithic was the recipient of a Research and Creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and a Grant for the arts from Arts Council England.

Olivia Mc Gilchrist is an artist and educator engaged in questions about identity, feminist performance and “other” (non-Western) futures in embodied virtual spaces within North America and the Caribbean. Her Individualized (INDI) PhD research-creation project investigates how contemporary iterations of virtual reality experiences, as a part of a continuum of screen based and multimedia installation art practices, may trouble postcolonial and hybrid identities through the portrayal and performance of the self and the other. Mc Gilchrist approaches VR as a submersive masking device within an installation, concerned with the tension occurring between the two modes of physical presence when one user is wearing a VR headset and another user is not. She has exhibited VR, film-based and photographic art works in Canada, Jamaica, across the Caribbean, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Austria, France and the UK.

Commonolithic & Olivia Mc Gilchrist UK/QC + JM/FR/QCWorld Space V2

World Space V2
is a WebVR experience that offers a playful perspective of navigating the gravitational pull of a large object as a small sphere in 3D space. Accessed through Mozilla Hubs, the work affords a moment of flaneur-like exploration in the company of a broken toy as a celestial body, surrounded by sounds evoking the object’s materiality.

This work is presented in collaboration with the Société des arts technologiques [SAT] and designed for the platform SATELLITE.


Artists Commonolithic and Olivia Mc Gilchrist, collaborating through their exploration of materiality in virtual reality experiences.


In June 2021, the artists exhibited their work at CADAF, a digital art fair based in Paris.


Outside the realm of VR, the duo both share an affinity with photographic practices, traditional and modern.