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Dolorblind & psynodentIN

Dolorblind & psynodent<sup>IN</sup>
Dolorblind & psynodentIN

Hailing from New Delhi, India, Dolorblind is the electronic project of multi-faceted visual artist and music producer Rohan Sinha. He is also a part of India’s uber collective ‘Jwala’. Each work of his is a concentrated dose of things Rohan does well: long aching melodies and chord progressions, surging, dramatic crescendos, hectic drums that slam the mix into the red. Paired with his synth’s pristine drift that makes his tracks glisten, fray and melt along unusual vectors.

There’s a scarred IDM whimsy and a triumphant tone to his productions. His live sets echo the same mellifluous tones and will leave you with a heartache, only wanting for more.

*This performance was originally commissioned for ‘Culture Connects’, a program developed by Wild City in association with MUTEK.SF & American Center New Delhi.