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Play - ArtLab Premiere ES

08.05 | 2:00 pm_5:00 pm GMT -3
LIVE: 2:50 pm GMT -3

Play - ArtLab Premiere JP

09.05 | 7:00 am_9:45 am GMT -3
LIVE: 7:50 am GMT -3

FORMA arises from the union of Juan Hansen and Pablo Bursztyn as an experimental electronic duo based in Buenos Aires. Genre and style considered as the form of music are taken as the basic components of FORMA's content. Always expanding its limits to subvert the expectations of the listeners. This show was the presentation of the project and the premiere of four songs that were released in 2021.

Juan's electronic sound experience merges with the experimental spirit of Pablo's musical quest to create an eclectic journey that exhausts one mood at a time.