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Franzizca is a multifaceted Argentine artist dedicated mainly to the art of music. She has trained as a DJ and music producer since she was 18 years old. She is the founder, producer and resident DJ of the Techno Moon party. She also curates her music at the Austro Records label, which she founded a while ago.

Recently, in her search for a restructuring of the artistic world in which she´s immersed, Franzizca and her partner (Juan Pablo Bermani) integrated a crypto project into Techno Moon to add a new modern diffusion space for artists through NFTs.

Franzizca is always in search of new knowledge, but without leaving behind everything she has learned. And it is for this reason that she does not define herself under the concept of any genre, since she sees it as a limitation in her artistic career.

In her 4-year career so far, she has participated in prestigious festivals and clubs such as LollaPalooza (2022), soon Primavera Sound (2022), Crobar club, Groove, Niceto Club, Tango Asunción, among others.