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Iván PazMX

Iván Paz<sup>MX</sup>
Iván PazMX
ProxySpace Premiere AR

07.05 | 8:30 pm_10:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 9:10 pm GMT -3

ProxySpace Premiere ES

07.05 | 3:30 pm_5:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 4:10 pm GMT -3

ProxySpace Premiere JP

08.05 | 8:30 am_10:30 am GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 9:10 am GMT -3

Iván Paz has backgrounds in physics, music and computer science. Iván’s work is framed in critical approaches to technology centered around from-scratch construction as an exploratory technique. Since 2010, he has been part of the live coding community and has presented workshops, conferences and concerts around America and Europe. He is currently working with machine learning techniques within live coding performance.