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Las OlasAR

Las Olas<sup>AR</sup>
Las OlasAR
Play - Puente Premiere AR

09.05 | 7:00 pm_10:15 pm GMT -3
LIVE: 7:00 pm GMT -3

Play - Puente Premiere ES

09.05 | 2:00 pm_5:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE: 2:00 pm GMT -3

Play - Puente Premiere JP

10.05 | 7:00 am_10:15 am GMT -3
LIVE: 7:00 am GMT -3

Las Olas by Nicolas Bruschi and Christian Silvosa was created in 2020 in the context of the Pandemic. With a creative process in constant development, each presentation proposes a new sound collage, merging elements of classical and electronic music. On this occasion, six musicians on stage combine the styles, ambient, drone, dub and electronic, with contemporary music from the River Plate, through rhythm machines, synthesizers, keyboards and acoustic instruments such as the violin, the cello, the bandoneon and the clarinet.

Nicolás Bruschi is an Argentine DJ and producer, instrumentalist and composer. He studied at the Juan Jose Castro Conservatory and the Popular Music School of Avellaneda. Under the pseudonym Sidirum, he explores experimental sounds, Groove, Argentine and Latin American popular music, united with electronics and Beat-Making. His productions have been released on international labels such as: Regional (Chile), New Hispanic Music (UK) and Krooks Records (Holland). He has performed live in cities in Latin America and Europe such as: Katerblau, Fusión Festival and Chalet (Berlin), Kubik and Sonido Trópico (San Pablo), Party in the Woods, (Zurich), Festival Nomade (Bogotá), Secret Garden Party and Passing Clouds (London) and Tropical Campo (Madrid). In 2020, he created the artistic project Las Olas, together with Christian Silvosa. It was presented as a live performance at MUTEK.ES + AR 2021 (Buenos Aires-Barcelona) and at the Primavera Pro 2021 Festival, his first EP has been released on the label Tambien (Ecuador).

Argentine artist Christian Silvosa is a pianist, composer and producer. He completed the Technician of Popular Music of tango folklore and jazz at the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda and did the Teaching in Arts, Instruments and Piano at the Juan José Castro Conservatory. In the middle of 2013, he joined the group of Magnisima Gronda as a pianist. This Argentine band combines elements of local folklore with the format of the song and instrumentals. During 2019 he released his first solo EP: Blood Moon Eclipse. The album combines film music and jazz with piano melodies and film arrangements.

In 2020, the artistic project Las Olas was presented as a live performance at MUTEK.ES + AR 2021 (Buenos Aires-Barcelona) and at the Primavera Pro 2021 Festival, its first EP was released on the label Tambien (Ecuador) .


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