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With a balanced mix of new media and old technology, Marcel Weber aka MFO builds complex visual environments. Analogue projectors, celluloid, mirrors, paint, chemicals and digital alchemy: since 2001 MFO has been merging images, light and space into powerful visual concepts for live A/V's, stage sets, video art and installations.

With his live sets and installations, MFO has become a key element of the experience at avant-garde festivals such as CTM, MUTEK, Unsound and as part of the Berlin Atonal team, where he directs lights and visuals. His deep and evocative style has also been part of exhibitions in spaces such as The Barbican, Center Pompidou and CERN.

His recent projects include This too will pass with Lyra Pramuk, KISTVAEN with Roly Porter & Mary-Anne Roberts, and art and visual design for the showcases of the Light Years label with Caterina Barbieri and Bendik Giske, among others.

In Edition 18 of MUTEK MX we will be able to enjoy MFO’s art twice: first as part of Caterina Barbieri's Live A/V with Ruben Spini at A/Visions 2 (Thursday 11/24, Anahuacalli Museum) and as part of the visual and immersive experiences of Nocturne 360 ​​(Saturday 11/26).

Berlin based visual artist Marcel Weber aka MFO.


Berlin based visual artist Marcel Weber aka MFO


MFO is in charge of the visual part of the Tresor Berlin 30th anniversary special via the ARTE Concert platform, which includes a series of live sessions and an immersive experience from the Kraftwerk Berlin facilities as part of the Atonal festival.


In addition to their ongoing collaborations with electronic musicians, MFO has also done the visual counterpart for concerts by Stars of the Lid and Liz Harris aka Grouper.