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Nicole HeUS

Nicole He<sup>US</sup>
Nicole HeUS

Nicole He is an independent game developer and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, New York. The artist is known for her unconventional voice technology projects and video games. Following the completion of her undergraduate degree in journalism, He started working as an outreach lead and community manager at Kickstarter. After having spent close to three years advising on people’s creative projects at the company, He developed a curiosity in creating and inventing things herself. She followed the steps of her creative counterparts and completed her graduate’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU. With her background in journalism, He’s approach to technology became one that was investigative and playful. During her studies at ITP, the artist worked on many text-based projects, which led to her working on Google Home’s voice assistant at Google Creative Lab. She became fascinated in the inevitable personification of AI voice assistants, thus offering creative potential in interactive projects. He is currently working on independent and commercial video games.


ENHANCE.COMPUTER is a cyberpunk yelling-at-computer game. The game is an homage to the classic science fiction "zoom and enhance" trope. Using voice commands, the user can navigate the screen to find a secret code and win. ENHANCE.COMPUTER plays with themes of surveillance and techno-dystopias. The game was created as to aspire towards new ways of using voice-assisted technologies in creative projects.


Brooklyn-based creative technologist Nicole He, approaching voice-assisted technology in a playful way.


In 2020, He programmed an AI interviewer for Billie Eilish on Vogue.


Currently, the artist teaches at NYU’s ITP program, where she has also completed her graduate’s degree.