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Outro (Juan Barallobres)AR

Outro (Juan Barallobres)<sup>AR</sup>
Outro (Juan Barallobres)AR

Argentine music producer. In his four albums and his works for film and theater, a range of scenes opens up where the visual and the sound continually intertwine. In multiple formats, he manages to integrate contemporary sonorities, electronic, ambient, impressionistic and acoustic aesthetics.

Winner three consecutive times of the BEYOND MUSIC international award for composition and production. He made live presentations in some of the most important venues in Buenos Aires such as CCK, Usina del Arte, Artlab and others. In 2021 he gave a TEDx talk with César Silveyra. In 2022 he participated in the BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Film Festival) with ANIMA, a film that he musicalized and sounded. He is currently based in Lago Puelo, Chubut and continues to work on several national and international films (Tom Donohue, USA; Ella Rose, UK; Clara Frías, Ninfa ARG, etc.) as well as scoring plays.

Apart from his own albums, he also develops as a producer of albums for other artists. Within the framework of El Sello Rojo (his own production label) he receives artists in Patagonia for the integral production of albums and audiovisual projects.

Currently (August 2022) he is part of Artlab's Dialog cycle as a sound artist. At the same time, he is in the pre-production stage of his own album “Intemperie”. An interdisciplinary work that will include a film and a live experience.