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PANEL 2 - Technology and genderES

PANEL 2 - Technology and gender<sup>ES</sup>
PANEL 2 - Technology and genderES

PANEL 2: 'Promises and challenges of technology and gender'

Over the last decade, the music industry has undergone major transformations thanks to the democratisation of technological tools for the creation, production, dissemination, and consumption of music. The infinite opportunities of these technologies and of even more sophisticated tools—such as artificial intelligence and DNA archiving—can nevertheless offer nerisk of gender bias. Audience segmentation, digital competence and training, algorithms and automation; what are the current challenges of this technological revolution in terms of gender equality?

This panel featured Lorenzo Porcaro, researcher at Pompeu Fabra University; Natalia San Juan Bentancurt, founder and CEO of Femnoise; and is moderated by Ludovic Assémat, Director of Arts at the British Council.