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Rocio Morgensternar

Rocio Morgenstern<sup>ar</sup>
Rocio Morgensternar

Rocio Morgenstern is a sound artist, producer, and educator. Her work explores minimal expression, silences, and the details of nature, both in sound content and in its staging. Her first work, "El Silencio y La Sombra," is a performative composition of oriental atmospheres and dreamlike universes. Her second production, "Ushuaia," which will be presented at Mutek, is a quest for a connection with nature in the southern region of Argentina.

Ushuaia is Rocio Morgenstern's third work based on field recordings seeking minimal textures and sounds typical of the territory. The work invites us to a sensory journey through the landscapes of southern Argentina, where through the use of field recordings, the artist constructs a story with a dreamlike atmosphere, which takes shape together with Laila Meliz and Matias Perez Azulay. who intervene on the live set. Bringing to the scene elements typical of this universe, branches, water and earth resonate between saxophone blows. The sound project is presented this time in an expanded format accompanied by a visual proposal designed by Maga Suescun and worked on by the entire team in a transdisciplinary way.