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Roger PibernatES

Roger Pibernat<sup>ES</sup>
Roger PibernatES
ProxySpace Premiere AR

07.05 | 8:30 pm_10:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 8:30 pm GMT -3

ProxySpace Premiere ES

07.05 | 3:30 pm_5:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 3:30 pm GMT -3

ProxySpace Premiere JP

08.05 | 8:30 am_10:30 am GMT -3
LIVE CODING: 8:30 am GMT -3

Roger Pibernat is an illustrator and musician constantly exploring other artistic disciplines and fields of knowledge. He started with Supercollider around 2006. He has joined the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and co-founded the Wú collective with whom has developed electroacoustic instruments, audiovisual shows, software and interactive installations. He is currently an active member of the live coding community in Barcelona.