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Edition 4

Mutek Ar Edici ón 2022

The year 2022 marked the return of MUTEK.AR to Buenos Aires, and it did so with more enthusiasm than ever before.

Therefore, we had a very special fourth edition of MUTEK.AR, with a focus on giving greater visibility to the enormous local talent that, due to the adverse circumstances of recent years, had severely felt the lack of stages and opportunities.

Under the direction of Gonzalo Solimano and the general curatorial guidance of Marianella Baladán, a selection of national artists, in dialogue with international artists, were present from September 7th to 10th at the Artlab Cultural Center, the Planetarium, and Palacio Alsina, showcasing the best of electronic music, sound art, and digital creativity. They presented Audiovisual Live Sets, NFT art pieces, virtual reality, and immersive installations.

Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Williams Foundation, we had the honor of welcoming Alain Mongeau, the creator and current director of MUTEK Montréal, who, along with professionals and active cultural agents, accompanied us in all festival activities and offered an open talk on cultural management in digital creativity.

MUTEK.AR was an Artlab production.

Copia de 6 Jonas Kopp AR Efren Mur DEU ESP Qoa AR Joaqui Salgado AR ADAN3839 080922
Copia de 7 Live Seba Verea Carola Zelaschi AR ADAN5498 100922
Copia de 6 Mutek Muestra NFTVR ADAN2889 070922
Copia de 5 Mutek Muestra NFT ADAN2127 060922
Copia de 6 Mutek Live Set Outro Tolchvenganzaunder ADAN2593 060922
Copia de 5 Okte X Reginaceii X Maja AR Zenit ADAN6687 110922
Copia de 005 Mutek Delforus IMG 4083 100922
Copia de 002 Mutek Delforus IMG 4020 100922
Copia de 2 Felix Sainz AR Jorge Haro AR ES ADAN5887 100922
Copia de 1 Mutek Live Set Jennitza COL Magdalena Molinari AR ADAN3346 080922
Copia de 2 Forello AR 70 Juliana Mujica AR ADAN6463 110922
Copia de 2 Franzizca AR Novilunio AR ADAN5921 100922
Copia de 10 Jonas Kopp AR Efren Mur DEU ES ADAN7046 110922
Copia de 3 Live Set Residencia L41 N9 AR Sonya Stefan CA ADAN4095 090922
Copia de 2 Djset Patti Schmidt CAPRIFMACU AR ADAN4195 090922
Copia de 4 Mutek Amplify Gus 080922 5067
Copia de 9 Jonas Kopp AR Efren Mur DEU ESP Qoa AR Joaqui Salgado AR ADAN3654 080922
Copia de 1 Galeria Artlab Color ADAN4666 090922
MUTEK AR 2022 Thumb

Ana Heilpern (AR) / Anormal (AR) / Asdruval Gómez (VE) / Aylu (AR) / Berenice Llorens (AR) / Camila Albarracin (AR) / Carola Zelaschi (AR) / Carol Santana (BR) / Cecilia Simone (AR) / CLON (UK) / Delforus (AR) / Efren Mur (ES/DEU) / Erin Gee (CA) / Federico Durand (AR) / Federico Lamas (AR) / Félix Sainz (AR) / Flabbergast (CA) / Forello (AR) / Frances Adair McKenzie (CA) / Franzizca (AR) / Fronte Violeta (BR) / Gabriel Latorre (AR) / GCRLL (AR) / GLOR1A (UK) / Gonzalo Messi (AR) / Guillermo Ueno (AR) / Jennitza (COL) / Joaquina Salgado (AR) / Jonas Kopp (AR) / Jorge Haro (AR/ES) / Juan Le Parc (FR) / Juliana Mujica (AR)/ Keila Sankofa (BR) / Kermesse (AR) / Kren Orgánico (AR) / L41N_9 (AR) / Laura González (AR) / Laureano Solís (AR) / Lux Valladolid (AR) / Magdalena Molinari (AR) / Maotik (FR) / Mariela Bond (AR) / Martín Remiro (AR) / Microfeel (AR/ES) / Nait Saves (AR) / Nelly-eve Rajotte (CA) / NITTA (ES/DE) / Novilunio (AR) / OKTE x reginaceii x MAJA (AR) / Outro (AR) / Patti Schmidt (CA) / Paula Rebellato (BR) / PRIFMA (CU/AR) / Qoa (AR) / Qualia (AR) / Santiago Bartolomé (AR) / Sebastián Miño (AR) / Sebastián Verea (AR) / Sonya Stefan (CA) / Symi (AR) / Tolch (AR) / Venom (CA) / Verónica Balduzzi (AR) / Vincent Lemieux (CA) / Vlisa Music (AR) / VXN (AR)