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Web.3 & Metaverso x FuturxAR

Web.3 & Metaverso x Futurx<sup>AR</sup>
Web.3 & Metaverso x FuturxAR

This space seeks to discuss the possibilities and challenges around the Web.3 in music. Listen to the different points of view that surround music NFTs today, how they can become a key element for artistic projects, strengthening communities and generating new ways of income.

GUESTS: Sofja (, Sebastián Aldasoro, Matias Loizaga (

MODERATOR: Nicolás Madoery (Futurx)

Sofja ( is a music and audiovisual artist, working with NFTs since the beginning of 2021. Together with Astrosuka they put together unun, an independent netlabel for music and multimedia.

Sebastián Aldasoro is an explorer of music nfts. He previously worked in DeFi, where he was a content and community lead at element finance, a writer at the defiant, and a project lead at defi pulse.

Matías Loizaga ( joined Pop Art Music in 2004 and has been a partner of the company since 2009. He is a lawyer specializing in copyright and intellectual property. Since 2021, he serves as the CEO of

Nicolás Madoery (Futurx) specializes in designing strategies for music industry projects mediated by new technologies. Today he is focused on the development of communities, tools and processes for the construction of a more diverse and more equitable music industry. Investigating the possibilities of Web.3 and the challenges in Latin America for music. He is director of FUTURX.