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Play - ArtLab Premiere ES

08.05 | 2:00 pm_5:00 pm GMT -3
LIVE AV: 3:15 pm GMT -3

Play - ArtLab Premiere JP

09.05 | 7:00 am_9:45 am GMT -3
LIVE AV: 8:15 am GMT -3

Project founded in Argentina (1988), currently composed by Ernesto Romeo, Francisco Nicosia, Lucas Romeo and Pablo Gil. Supported by synthesizers, modular systems, sequencers and electronic drums, the band is characterized by the intensive use of analog and digital equipment, elaborating their sonic explorations in the studio-laboratory, La Siesta Del Fauno.

They deploy in their concerts an unusual and complex instrumentation, always within a space open to real-time composition and improvisation, resulting in each presentation a unique event. Their show has been presented at festivals such as MUTEK, Sonar, Creamfields and Buenos Aires Hot Festival, among others.

Klauss' performance for the 2021 edition of MUTEK was based on the protagonist combination of modular systems and sequencers for the generation of dynamic structures that intersect and dialogue intensely with synthesized guitars, electronic percussions and classic and contemporary synths.


Planet E, WD Records


921 (2019), Momentum (2018), Repeat After Me (2018)