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Manuela VilanovaUY

Manuela Vilanova<sup>UY</sup>
Manuela VilanovaUY
AVisions - AMPLIFY 2 Premiere AR

07.05 | 7:00 pm_9:15 pm GMT -3
LIVE AV: 7:30 pm GMT -3

AVisions - AMPLIFY 2 Premiere ES

07.05 | 2:00 pm_4:30 pm GMT -3
LIVE AV: 2:30 pm GMT -3

AVisions - AMPLIFY 2 Premiere JP

08.05 | 7:00 am_9:15 am GMT -3
LIVE AV: 7:30 am GMT -3

Interdisciplinary visual artist. Her practice is developed in installation, costume design, video, light and sound. In her most recent works she began to develop site-specific works, art installations, and sculptures with a variety of materials including resins, handmade textiles, metal, glass, water, wood and ceramics.

She studied Costume and Textile Design at the University of Buenos Aires, has a BA in Insitu and a Masters in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. She has worked as a costume and set designer in renowned theaters in Belgium and Holland, and has participated in group exhibitions and artistic residencies in several European countries.

Pulsar Etéreo is an immersive A/V installation that brings together Lila Tirando a Violeta's performance with Manuela Vilanova's scenographic landscape. In MUTEK ES+AR 2021, the artists came together to invite the audience to the first live performance of Lila's latest album, Limerencia, this being an illusory experience in an artificial nature environment surrounded by mirror sculptures and 3D projections in sync with the music.