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Mariela BondAR

Mariela Bond<sup>AR</sup>
Mariela BondAR
Laura Gonzalez (AR) + Mariela Bond (AR)

08.09 | 10:00 pm_10:30 pm

Mariela Bond lives and works in Buenos Aires. She studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. She worked in film, advertising and television. She directed and made more than 20 video clips from Argentina and Latin America. She developed as a Visualist since 2001, participating in multiple music festivals and live shows.

Bond was in charge of live visuals and visual staging at: Performance ZZK club, Denver Art Biennial of the Americas (2010), Tandem Buenos Aires/Paris, El Centquatre (Paris, 2011), Espacio Fundación Telefónica (2011) , the Night of the Museums (2012, 2019), Sonar Argentina (2017), MUTEK (2018), Articiclo (2018 - 2020), Chancha Via Circuito (2017 - 2020), Chango Spasiuk (2018 - 2020), European Pine. She also created the Proyectorazo collective in 2019, with which she carried out multiple actions in public spaces to make visible feminist, environmental and human rights causes.

She participated together with Lucas DM in the assembly of the Mene Savasta light installation within the 100th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla at the Kirchner Cultural Center. During 2021, she worked advising and creating the visual displays in the Tecnópolis park. She is currently a teacher at the Visuals Workshop in the Estudio Urbano space and, this year, she worked on the design, assembly, production and realization of the video installation "The 10-year Tunnel of Tecnópolis", which consists of a space of 150 square meters and 200 TV monitors, where an audiovisual tour of the 10 years is shown, from its creation until now. She also collaborated in the assembly of the immersive room (audiovisual) of the Kirchner Cultural Center and designed the visuals of the immersive show "Timebeing" with music by Uji.